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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Illustration Friday - SURPRISE

At six am on sunday,
everyone within a 10 mile radius of the buncefield oil terminal was woken to the sound of an explosion. Everyone, that is, apart from me. I have always been a deep sleeper and when I finally roused myself at 7.15 and opened the curtains the sight was hard to believe, and I think it fully counts as a surprise. This is the view from a family walk on the monday aternoon, drawn in photoshop while my parents and were at the mother and toddler group (along with my two year old brother), and I am pleased to say for the first time I didn't even have to ask my graphic designer mother about layers etc.
All the local schools have been closed for the last two days, so it feels like it's already the christmas holidays, but having just checked the school website I'm sad to say it's back to school for three more days before I can truly relax
But on the plus side, it is a non-uniform day tomorrow.

Another surprise is just after finishing this, I saw my mother had drawn pretty much exactly the same picture on her blog on sunday. She insists my one is better, but I'm not too sure. Take a look for yourself.


At 12/13/2005 11:37 AM, Blogger Queen Tut said...

Great perspective you got going on the hills and I like the way the smoke comes tumbling forward!

At 12/13/2005 6:55 PM, Anonymous rachel said...

Gosh Tom

You really are lucky to sleep so well. My place is in the internatioal news at the moment with the WTO conference. Lots of Korean farmers getting into punch ups with the police. Uncle Patrick is ok as he isn't on the front line.


At 12/13/2005 10:35 PM, Blogger miragee said...

Tom, you and your mom are both excellent artists!

At 12/14/2005 4:55 AM, Blogger Caroline said...

Definitely counts as a surprise!

And this is a great picture o fit.

I notice you have a completely different attitutude to the school being closed!!!

At 12/14/2005 1:47 PM, Anonymous Flo said...


At 12/14/2005 1:48 PM, Anonymous adz said...

lol flo

At 12/14/2005 1:49 PM, Blogger bananarobin said...

This is a sympathy vote for Chernobyl

At 12/14/2005 5:31 PM, Blogger Toni said...

You did a great job painting in photoshop!

You'll be passing your Mom up in the art department before to long. ;)


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